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Putting Smiles on the Faces of Children through Exciting Swimming Classes

Encouraging water confidence through a gradual approach for every age group and teaching with comfort and convenience to make swimming part of their healthy lifestyle.

Swim Lessons
Swimtrainer for Infant

We Care About Safety

Our swim school in Frisco, TX focuses on the essentials of swimming by empowering safety, fun, proper techniques and lifelong skills. It is our mission to develop students of all ages into happy, confident, masterful, lifelong swimmers. At Tatsuki Swimming School, swimmers have fun, and parents will definitely see results, and coaches get to do what they love.

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Swim Lessons in Frisco TX

Our swimming classes in Frisco, TX are individually designed for all ages from 6-months to adults. Regardless of your age, skill level, or ability, Tatsuki Swimming School has the perfect swim lessons for you. Our classes are split up into specific age ranges to keep children and adults learning with others of a similar age. By grouping everyone together based on age, we can help swimmers feel more comfortable and to make some friends along the way too. No matter what age you or your child is, we offer custom swimming classes that develop the student’s skills and safety in the water.

Water Babies Swim Class

Water Babies

Designed for babies between the ages of 6 months and 35 months. Water Babies is our “Baby and Me” or some refer to it as “Mommy and Me” or “Parent and Me” swim program. Our Water Babies class is designed to teach your baby how to swim. Starting as early as 6 months of age, parent and baby lessons contain a series of skills that will first help emphasize safety in the water, and then introduce some swimming concepts for your baby. Our Water Babies class is fun for both parent and child!

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Water Tots Swimming Classes

Water Tots

Designed for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. The Water Tots curriculum helps your child succeed in swimming. Each level contains a series of skills that will first help them to be safe in the water and then improve their technique. Tatsuki Swimming School instructional program is based on levels of learning appropriate for the age and abilities of each student.

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Water Champs

Water Champs

Designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. Further training in swim-strokes occur at these levels. Tatsuki Swimming School program builds upon skills learned in our Water Tots and Water Babies levels. Your child will fine-tune techniques for breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and turns. These swim lessons progress toward pre-competitive levels which teach endurance and team-based learning.

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Adult Swim Lessons


It’s never too late to learn to swim! From simply overcoming the fear of water to learning all strokes, Tatsuki Swimming School adult swim lessons will provide the skills and encouragement needed in a friendly group environment. No matter if you’re 15, 35, or 65+! The aim is to produce comfort, skill, and ability in the water. As your comfort increases, we will advance to swim strokes and techniques.

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Private Swimming Lessons

Private Lessons

Our coaches understand some students need or want personalized, individual attention to achieve goals. One on one swimming lessons with our coaches will help students gain confidence, become comfortable in the water, and learn safety skills. The swimming coach will help a student progress and overcome obstacles they are having. Tatsuki Swimming School Private Lessons follow the same skill sets as our group classes, so progress can be tracked. Individual Swim Lessons are offered for all levels beginning from age 6 months to adult.

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Give Your Child a Lifetime of Safety Around the Water

What We Do

Tatsuki Swimming Classes

Why Tatsuki Swimming?

If you are looking for high quality and professional swim school in Frisco, TX, then we are proud to serve you with our best curriculum and interesting programs. At Tatsuki Swimming School we teach all the skills from fundamentals of water safety to advanced level instructions that are safe and swimmers will be able to swim for life.

Our trained swim instructors nurture and guide students to build confidence in the water.

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Tatsuki Swimming Classes

We Provide Facility

Welcome to Tatsuki Swimming School!

Our state-of-the-art indoor swimming facility contains a large spacious environment occupying 5,500 square feet of space. This includes a 44,000-gallon indoor swimming pool and a separate climate-controlled viewing gallery with extra-large glass, making it easy for parents to view their children taking lessons. The facility is designed for comfort and transparency.

A state-of-the-art EPA approved UV water purification and filtration system maintains the water for all the swimmers. The system will keep the water clean, and enhance the swimming experience for everyone. The whole facility benefits from a humidity-controlled pool deck with water temperature at a warm 87 degrees Fahrenheit (30.5 degrees Celsius) for year-round swimming. Even during the colder months of the year students can hop in the pool and swim comfortably. The facility also comes with individual changing rooms designed to make everyone feel more comfortable preparing for a swim or for lessons.

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Tatsuki Swimming Classes

We have Mission

The goal of Tatsuki Swimming School is to provide students with fundamental skills to swim in a safe and loving environment. We understand that most of our children are experiencing swimming instruction for the first time, and recognize the anxiety that comes along. We are surely committed to make every lesson that brings lifetime love for water and makes them good swimmers with the best learning experiences possible and to make swimming part of a healthy lifestyle.

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