Swimming Babies

Water Champs Swim Classes (ages 6-12 years)

Designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. Learning to swim is not only fun or empowering but also an essential life skill that can make kids safer. All children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old get further training in swim-strokes. Tatsuki Swimming School program builds upon skills learned in our Water Tots and Water Babies levels. Your child will fine-tune techniques for breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and turns. These swim lessons progress toward pre-competitive levels which teach endurance and team-based learning.

Learn more about each level in detail:
At the beginner level, water safety is the focus. Here, students will become comfortable in the water. They will learn to float, hold their breath, and submerge underwater.

Runner-up level introduces swimming techniques and the prerequisites for learning the competitive strokes. The student will learn how to roll over from a front float to a back float, streamlines, kicking and learn to swim 15 feet through the water.

Bronze level teaches the freestyle and backstroke. At this level, the student will learn to swim independently for 30 feet through the water with a proper freestyle and backstroke technique.

At silver level, we introduce the breaststroke. We also teach bi-lateral side breathing for the freestyle stroke, breakouts, and more.

Learning competitive turns, to learn efficient butterflies, and various other advanced skills of swimming are taught in gold level. And swimmers are challenged to do multiple laps through the water in order to prepare them for platinum level.

At the Platinum level, the main focus is to perfect all 4 strokes. Swimmers are pushed to swim the full length of the pool and in multiple lengths. This prepares the swimmers for a pre-competitive program.

Tatsuki pre-comp is a competitive program level that can build self-confidence in swimmers of all ages and creates a fun environment for learning. This class is for 1 hour for all advanced swimmers. At this level, it becomes very important for swimmers to be efficient in all levels of the Tatsuki curriculum.

Doesn’t this sound like a thrilling experience for your kids! Get enrolled in our great kids swimming classes in order to take these swimming classes to progress towards pre-competitive levels.

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