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Adult Swimming Lesson (ages 13 years and older)

It's never too late to learn how to swim, no matter how old you are. You can develop swimming skills through which you can feel safe and comfortable around water. At Tatsuki Swimming School, we encourage the adults with the same techniques taught to younger students. We help them to overcome the fear of water and provide the skills by the encouragement needed in a friendly group environment. No matter if you’re 15, 35, or 65+! The aim is to produce comfort, skill, and ability in the water. As your comfort increases, we will advance to swim strokes and techniques.

Tatsuki Swimming School will help you build confidence while teaching you how to save your own life in the event of a water-related accident. Our skilled instructors tailor each class according to your specific needs, challenges and goals.

Tatsuki Swimming School offers two levels for adult swim classes: Beginner and Intermediate. The beginner level focuses on water safety and introduction to swimming. In this class, the swimmer will learn how to float, kick, and roll over from a front float to a back float. At the intermediate level, the swimmer learns the freestyle and backstroke. We also teach techniques to improve endurance in the water.

Get enrolled in our adult swim classes! We make your swim lessons efficient, convenient, and fun. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide a safe and friendly environment.

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