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Private Swimming Lessons (all ages)

Although our group swimming lessons are small in size, some may prefer a more personalized experience. Our private and semi-private lessons offer more individualized interactions between the swimmer and coach. Private lessons are 30 minutes long and classes like this help children and adults focus on particular skills to improve their techniques and comfort in the water.

Our main goal at Tatsuki Swimming School is to help all students become confident in the water and love swimming. Our instructors understand some students may need or want personalized, individual attention to achieve goals. This is the perfect option for children who learn better with individual attention, or anxious first-time swimmers who have put off learning to swim. Being one on one swimming lessons with our coaches will help students gain confidence, become comfortable in the water, and learn safety skills. The swimming coach will help a student progress and overcome obstacles they are having.

Tatsuki Swimming School’s Private Lessons follow the same skill sets as our group classes, so progress can be tracked. Individual Swim Lessons are offered for all levels beginning from age 6 months to adult.

Many people wonder if sending their kids to private swim classes will be best for their child or not. Let us clear you with the fact that every young swimmer is different, as some may possibly benefit from one-on-one instructions. If still in doubt, contact us via phone or email.

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